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    Raleigh, NC Short Sales

    Short Sales in Raleigh, North Carolina

    Short sales provide an opportunistic discount for homebuyers nationwide. The silver lining to the housing bubble burst is that as some homes have depreciated in value over the last few years the opportunity for short sales increases. When a homeowner’s mortgage is higher than the value of the home he may have an option to do a short sale, to sell the house for less than the mortgage. This provides a great opportunity for buyers as they can get a home at a record low price.

    While this can be a great opportunity for homebuyers, short sales can be very difficult to find, and to understand the true value of. If you are interested in a short sale home, contact one of the short sale experts at the Marti Team for advice.

    Navigating the world of short sales is near impossible without in-depth knowledge of the area, historical housing prices and future projections—which is why you need us. Your Marti Team agent can evaluate short sale homes with you, to determine the quality of the investment.

    Short sale homes are being scooped up fast as the housing market rebounds so contact us today for a list of short sale properties.

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