The Right Temperature: Three Ways to Weatherize and Climate Proof Your Home

    The proof is in the paint

    When choosing the proper exterior paint for your home, there are several major attributes that ultimately contribute to the durability and longevity of your home’s exterior. These attributes include resistances to mold and algae, environmental friendliness and UV protection. Keeping up with the condition of your home’s exterior paint on a seasonal basis ensures that you keep home heating and cooling costs down the year progresses.


    Windows of opportunity

    Over the last twenty years, technology has allowed for the production of some of the most energy efficient windows available for residential use. Aside from purchasing the proper windows, it’s essential to make sure any and all openings in your home are properly sealed and insulated. This includes any garage doors, dryer vents, AC unit outputs and chimneys. Insuring that any unwanted air or heat doesn’t get in or out can help boost the value of your home when it comes time to sell.

    Use the environment around you

    Speaking of windows, crack a few open every once in a while when the weather is right. Occasionally utilizing a cross breeze throughout your home can both lower electricity costs and promote a more environmentally friendly home. Using natural light for additional sources of heat in the winter and darker colored drapes to minimize temperature changes in the summer helps to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures without breaking the bank.

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