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    Raleigh’s Making Smart Moves on Tech Investments

    Raleigh has grown exponentially over the past few years. Raleigh is making the right moves towards a better and brighter future especially in the technology arena. According to Toni Morelli’s article on Government Technology’s website, Raleigh is a model for investing in technology and technological education. According to the public attention Raleigh is garnering over the past year about technological innovation and growth, the practices and programs in use are definitely worth watching.

    Photo by James Willamor
    Photo by James Willamor

    First and foremost, the focus on investing in a solid network has paid off thus far. Investing in infrastructure technology such as free wi-fi in public outdoor locations like City Plaza and a Silver LEED certified convention center brings both residents and visitors business into the city.

    Secondly, Raleigh is investing in technological education for its youth. The Digital Connectors program offers tech and leadership training to young people. Students and alumni of the program participate in local outreach and education continuing the practice of sharing knowledge in the community. Since almost half of Raleigh’s residents over 25 have bachelors degrees or higher the city has become an attraction for larger companies looking to hire an educated and forward thinking workforce.

    In 2013 alone, Forbes ranked Raleigh #3 on the best places for businesses and careers, #29 in job growth and #4 for fastest growing cities in America. This growth is a direct result of the forward thinking members of Raleigh’s community and we are excited to continue to participate and observe in future growth.


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