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Emilee Nelson

Hey Emilee! What initially brought you into the real estate industry?
E: I grew up around real estate since my mom worked in a real estate office. I saw how happy and overjoyed people were when they were buying their first house or the house they were going to grow their family in and it was very inspiring to see. I have always had a love for people and being able to help them get the house they’ve always dreamed of is surreal to me. Being in real estate allows me to do that and be a friend to them their whole life as a result.

Where do you live and why did you choose to live there?
E: I live in Raleigh, NC. I attended NC State University which is what brought me to the Triangle and I fell in love with living here and knew I wanted to stay and start my life and career here.

What are the BEST things about living in the area?
E: The best thing about living in the area is the limitless possibilities of places to go or things to do. You never have to go to the same restaurant or bar twice if you do not want to, and there are always a ton of new activities popping up.

Why did you choose to partner with Marti Hampton Real Estate and EXP REALTY?
E: I had an agent from my hometown refer me to Marti Hampton. She talked about how amazing she was and how much I would learn from her and I knew I had to join Marti’s team as a result.

What do you consider the best parts of your job as an agent?
E: Being able to make connections with people in all parts of life, helping them make the best purchase of their life, and seeing their excitement each day during their journey.

What are you favorite spots in the Triangle area (or where you live)?
E: My favorite spots to eat in the Triangle area are definitely Taverna Agora in downtown Raleigh and Uncle Julio’s towards the Crabtree area. My favorite spots to grab a drink are definitely Raleigh Beer Garden if you’re a beer lover, Bowstring Pizza and Brewyard if you love live music, and Barcelona Wine bar if you’re looking to celebrate!

Do you have a family? What do you love to do?
E: I have a big family of me and my crazy 2 year-old cat. In my free time I love to stay active. Recently I have been doing a lot of yoga and pilates but I also love to go hiking if I am in a scenic area. On the weekends, I love to go watch live music and have a beer with my friends.

What makes you happy about the move to the real estate industry?
E: I am happy I moved to the real estate industry so that I could make connections and build life-long relationships with my clients.

What do you do for fun?
E: I love to go hiking, work out, watch live music, and spend time with my friends trying out new places that open in the area.

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